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Facilities for Specialists!

Are you a fitness specialist with expertise and/or experience in a specific field of fitness or nutrition? Are you looking to launch a new fitness program, class, or nutritional seminar? We can help. We have facilities and arrangements for the following fitness professionals:

  • Aerobics Instructors
  • Cardio Instructors
  • Nutritionists
  • Physical Fitness Experts
  • Personal Trainers

Aerobics Specialists

Are you an instructor seeking facilities in which to conduct your aerobics classes? Find out about our aerobics facilities and how to et more information.

Cardio Instructors

Cardio workout specialists looking to provide regular courses and/or programs to their clients can take advantage of the oppotunities just waiting for you at Club Roark.

Dietary Specialists & Nutritionists

Do you have knowledge of nutrition and dietary programs but would like a convenient, public facility to conduct nutrition or dietary classes or seminars? Club Roark is conveniently located in the heart of health related businesses. Learn more about our nutrition seminar and/or educational facilities.

Fitness Experts

Rehab specialists, swimming trainers, or any other fitness specialists looking to partner strategically with a facility provider can learn more here.

Personal Trainers

So, you're a strength training expert with skills and know-how but need a place to get your clients beefed up or ripped. We got the equipment and a great location that is easily accessible for you and your clients.